Department of Public Works
From Highway Department Chief Gene Beszczynski
Once the leaves start falling, we would like to remind everyone that our department will pick up all leaves that are raked onto  the headland area throughout autumn, weather permitting. The headland is the grassy area between the sidewalk and curb. Please do not rake any leaves into the street, as it blocks the flow of rainwater into the storm drains, which may lead to potential flooding. Residents do not need to call regarding leaves, as our department will continue to pick up piles along designated routes, working from Harlem to Wagner, and then the south side of the Village. Just a reminder and for the safety of your neighbors, please keep your sidewalks clear of all ice and snow. Additionally, do not throw or blow any snow into the streets as this results in a driving hazard and is a violation of Village Code. If you have a plow driver hired for snow removal, they must obtain a snow plow permit from Village Hall.
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