Department of Public Works
From Highway Department Chief Gene Beszczynski
As most of our residents are aware, the Village coordinated a summer long project with Erie County Water Authority on Lovejoy Street. ECWA installed new water supply lines from Boll to Atlantic. The Village replaced numerous storm drain inlets, completed some sewer line replacements and sub-contracted for curbing, sidewalks and paving through a shared services agreement with the Town of Cheektowaga. Working with the Town is a cost savings for our residents and these improvements will assist with drainage issues that we have been experiencing in the area the past several years. Throughout this year, we have replaced all the street signs in the  Village. This project brought the Village into federally regulated standards for retroreflectivity and mixed-case lettering (use of both upper and lower case).  Over the next several weeks, our department will be on leaf pickup throughout the Village. We ask that residents rake the leaves onto the grass located between the sidewalk and street. It is not necessary to call for a pickup as we will continue making rounds until all the leaves have fallen and are retrieved. In preparation of winter, we have equipped our plow trucks and they are ready to go in the event of an early snowfall. We ask our residents to not plow or shovel their snow into the street, as this creates a hazardous condition for drivers. If you hire a plow driver, they are required to  apply for a permit at Village Hall. The fee is minimal and provides us with their insurance and contact information if needed.
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In the Fall, DPW will pick up leaves for residents. Bagging is not required. Simply pile the leaves on the headland (the strip between the curb and the sidewalk) and DPW will vacuum them up. Do NOT pile leaves in the street! Snowplow Contractors must obtain a permit before they can service any Village residence. Permits cost $25.00 and are available from Village Hall, 425 Reiman Street, 716-897-1560, Mon-Fri between the hours of 9:00 AM-4:00PM. Residents are responsible for maintaining the sidewalk and headland (the strip between the curb and the sidewalk) on their property To authorize DPW to Add/Remove/Trim a tree on the right of way, complete an Authorization Form  and mail to/drop it by Village Hall, 425 Reiman Street during regular business hours. Forms may be viewed/printed here