Department of Public Works
From Highway Department Chief Gene Beszczynski
Every year, the Village of Sloan is allocated financial assistance through the Consolidated Highway Improvement Program (CHIPs) by New York State. This year the funds were used for the reconstruction of Reiman Street, from Crocker to Halstead. The project included: replacement of six storm drain inlets, resurfacing, curb and walkway repairs at Village Hall. Throughout September, our department completed sanitary sewer flushing on Lackawanna and Michael Ave along with inspections of all manholes in those areas. Both Griffith and Wrazen Parks have had all equipment removed for the winter months and we will be assisting with the removal of the pool and surrounding concrete over the next several weeks. As the leaves begin to fall, DPW will begin their rounds of leaf pickups. Please rake your leaves onto the area between the street and sidewalk. Pickups begin on Wagner to Harlem and then Southside. Please do not call for leaf pickup, our rounds will continue until everything has been picked up at the end of season. Just a reminder that the overnight parking ban goes into effect on November 15th from 2:00am to 7:00am. This allows us to properly and effectively salt or plow snow when necessary. Free parking is available at Village Hall, Fire Hall and Griffith Park and permits can be obtained at Village Hall during business hours.
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In the Fall, DPW will pick up leaves for residents. Bagging is not required. Simply pile the leaves on the headland (the strip between the curb and the sidewalk) and DPW will vacuum them up. Do NOT pile leaves in the street! Snowplow Contractors must obtain a permit before they can service any Village residence. Permits cost $25.00 and are available from Village Hall, 425 Reiman Street, 716-897-1560, Mon-Fri between the hours of 9:00 AM-4:00PM. Residents are responsible for maintaining the sidewalk and headland (the strip between the curb and the sidewalk) on their property To authorize DPW to Add/Remove/Trim a tree on the right of way, complete an Authorization Form and mail to/drop it by Village Hall, 425 Reiman Street during regular business hours. Forms may be viewed/printed here