Mayor’s Office
My first year as Mayor of our Village is quickly coming to a close and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all our residents for their involvement and support. Our most pressing issue for the past year, and over the next several years, is the Order on Consent issued by the NYSDEC. The Order mandates the Village to make necessary repairs to our sanitary system to prevent Inflow and Infiltration. We have been awarded two (2) Engineering Planning Grants in the amounts of $100,000 each. The Village must match these funds in the amount of $50,000, of which a small portion can be for “in-kind” services. Our engineer has completed approximately 30% of smoke testing in the Village, with the balance to be undertaken this year. After these results are compiled by our engineer, we will begin the process of notifying property owners of any repairs that they must complete. These results will also be used to develop and implement a corrective action plan for the main sanitary sewers throughout the Village. The preliminary rehabilitation cost estimates for the main sanitary system are in excess of six million dollars. In response to this mandated Order, I have established a team consisting of our engineer, attorney, grant writer, Highway Chief, Clerk and Bond Counsel. We will be applying for available grants and loans through New York State Environmental Facilities. Available grants will only cover 25% of project costs, and the balance of monies must be paid for by the Village. This will be a costly endeavor for our residents but is mandated by the DEC Order. I will continue to provide updates of this lengthy process as they develop. Early in 2017, the Village Board approved the purchase of a new fire truck, replacing the 1994 KME that has served our Village for the past 24 years. Through careful financial planning over the last several years, we placed a 50% deposit on the truck and have financed the balance over the following four budget years. The truck was delivered on March 13th and will be in service during the next few weeks. I want to thank the truck committee and Chief Wieberg for their extensive work over the last two years in putting together a purchase plan that is both cost effective and meets our residents’ future emergency needs. On behalf of my fellow Board members, I want to congratulate Trustee Caitlin Carlson and her husband on the birth of their baby, Mark Joseph on March 6th. To round out March, the Village will be hosting its annual Easter Party & Magic Show on Saturday the 31st, beginning at 2:00pm. This event is only open to Village residents and ID must be presented at the door.  There will be a chocolate raffle, refreshments, a magic show and a visit from the Easter Bunny. Our resident photographer will be on hand to take pictures of the children with the Easter Bunny and of the Raffle Prize Winners.  The 2018 Concert Schedule is available on the Events page. Hope to see you at one of our events!
From the desk of Mayor Thomas Ferrucci
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