Mayor’s Office
As your newly elected Mayor, I want to take this opportunity to thank every resident who came out and voted on March 21, 2017. Your overwhelming support was both gratifying and inspiring to me. I would also like to thank my family, friends, the People’s Choice Party, fellow Board members, Village staff and especially my wife, Claire, for the ongoing encouragement during this transition. My two years as Trustee and five years on the Zoning Board has provided me with the experience and confidence to lead our Village and make the best possible decisions for our residents. I look forward to collaborating with Trustees Barry Ping, Tammy Bayes, and newly elected member, Paul Zogaria, as the Village continues to work with the DEC on our mandated sewer repairs. Other future endeavors include sewer televising, facility maintenance, addressing vacant homes, and long-term financial planning. On behalf of my colleagues, we are committed to lead our Village with teamwork and professionalism, providing our residents with superior services and an enriched community. We encourage everyone to attend our numerous events, starting with one of our Summer Concerts in Griffith Park. Please take a moment to introduce yourself and share any comments or concerns you may have.  
From the desk of Mayor Thomas Ferrucci
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