Mayor’s Office
As summer winds down, the installation of curbing and storm drainage improvements on Grattan and Lehigh is wrapping up. After slip-lining is completed, these two streets, along with Michael Avenue, should be milled and paved before winter sets in. We have begun televising areas of the Village that are next on the list for construction and/or slip-lining. It was noted that some sewers have build-up of grease or debris, which results in decreased flow for storm water leaving a neighborhood. Although our DPW does flush the sewers on a rotation basis, our residents can help by preventing “Illicit Discharges”. Any discharge that is not composed entirely of stormwater creates pollution in our rivers, Lake Erie, and ultimately into our drinking water. You can protect our water quality by never dumping anything or blowing grass/leaves/debris into the storm drains. A good motto is “Only rain in the storm drain”. To report a suspected stormwater violation, contact the DEC at: 1-844-332- 3267. As Western New York has experienced a record-setting rainfall this summer, I have discussed our recent flooding with our Engineer, who has made the following recommendations to all property owners: Clear gutters of all debris, and downspouts should drain to a grassy area, as driveways and sidewalks can ice in the winter. All Sump pump hose discharge should be a minimum of 10’ from your foundation and drain on a grassy area to avoid icing. Clean your sanitary lateral. Install a plug or permanently cap any open basement floor drains. Install a sanitary backwater flow device (picture below) or shut-off valve in your basement. If your yard has standing water, you may need to install exterior drain tile to assist in water flow away from your foundation. Building up the soil around your foundation will also be beneficial and ground cover will control soil erosion. The Village Engineer will be present at our next Work Session on October 27th at 5:30pm (via Face Book Live) to discuss these recommendations for property owners and progress of the sanitary sewer project. In August, we finally saw the demolition and removal of the structure at 2331 Broadway at Crocker. I want to thank our residents for their patience in this process, which was prolonged by Court closures due to COVID. I would also like to thank our Code Official, Vince Ferraraccio and Clerk Debra Smith who facilitated the demolition with the foreclosing bank, County Clerk Kearns and the WNY Law Center. In keeping with the Villages long-term equipment plan, the Board approved the purchase of a new fire truck and two plow trucks at the October 12th meeting, replacing twenty-year-old vehicles. Utilizing some capital equipment reserve monies and fund balance, the payments will have no impact on your tax levy. Long-term financial planning of large purchases works! I hope to see you at the Halloween Parade on the 30th!
From the desk of Mayor Thomas Ferrucci
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