Mayor’s Office
2020 is shaping up to be very busy in our Village. After several years of engineering studies and developing correction action plans, we are moving into our Sewer Repair Phase 1. Phase 1 will include slip lining of 27,355 linear feet of sewer sanitary pipe throughout the Village. Slip lining is a process by which the contractor places an interior sleeve in the pipe, from manhole to manhole, and follows through with hot water. The water expands and hardens the sleeve, creating a solid liner in the pipe. Then, each homeowner’s lateral that connects to the main is drilled out. Prior to work beginning on your street, you will be notified with information on what to expect that day. Phase 2 and 3, scheduled for 2021 and 2022, will encompass reconstruction of sanitary pipes that are too damaged or misaligned for slip lining and manhole reconstruction. As reported in previous issues of the Connection, we have received grants in excess of $4.5 million dollars towards this three-year project. For the Village’s matching portion of the grant, we have been approved for a 0%, long-term loan from NYS. We have been coordinating a project with Erie County Water Authority over the past year. In the upcoming months, they will be replacing water supply lines on Gierlach, Franklin, Michael, Gates (east of Crocker) and Crocker (Gierlach to Gates). After this work is done, we will be milling and paving Michael St. and possibly more depending on the sewer repairs. As every resident is aware, the Village has installed new energy-saving LED streetlights. I want to thank Deputy Mayor Eric Czubaj for taking over this project last year; visiting other municipalities that participated in the LED Program, reviewing quotes from several contractors and making the final recommendation to the Board. We have received generally positive feedback from residents but are addressing a few issues of defective fixtures or bulbs after install. If you have a light out near you, it can be reported directly to NYSEG at or call Village Hall at 897-1560. You must know either the pole number or the address where the pole is located. Years of indoor storage of rock salt has been damaging to the rear structure of our Community Center on Halstead Avenue. The corrosive salt has caused the metal supports to rust inside the last garage bay and above the overhead door. In November, we ordered a new hybrid building to be installed at the foot of Roland Street for the purpose of salt storage. Within the next few weeks, ground will be broken as the foundation is prepped. By April, the new structure will be up and ready for use. Repairs will be made to the Community Center to continue its use as equipment storage for our Public Works Department. I would like to welcome David Stewart to our DPW as our new Laborer. Dave is a graduate of John F. Kennedy High School and began working for us at the end of January. On the more entertaining side of things, we have the Soup-on-Sunday on March 1st, Annual Easter Event on April 11th, and the Sloan Arts Council has finalized their Concert Series for this summer. Additional information on these events can be located on the last page of this publication. See you around the Village!
From the desk of Mayor Thomas Ferrucci
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