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Village Photos
As part of the 4th redesign of the Village web site, event photos are going to be converted into slideshows containing still images, video, and sound. As you might imagine, this is a rather long process, taking up to 3 hours per event to complete.I appreciate your patience while this rather lengthy conversion takes place! Click the link of the event you wish to view. The video will open in a separate tab/window. MAKE SURE YOUR SPEAKERS ARE ON!! To Download all the images from the event:  1. Click the folder image next to the event name 2. Click SAVE (In most cases the file will automatically be saved in your Downloads folder. Otherwise, remember where you saved the file NOTE: The images are compressed in a ZIP file. Windows 8 and above have a built-in utility to extract the zipped files. In order to share or print these photos, you will first need to UNZIP the file