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From Trustee Eric Czubaj
As Recreation Director, the Mayor and I annually review and discuss the needs of both Griffith and Wrazen Street Parks. Last year, County Legislator Tim Meyers awarded us a grant of $15,000 for improvements to Wrazen Park. The continued impact of Covid delayed our 2021 planned improvements but this year will see the installation of new equipment, removal of the old shelter and other upgrades. We are in the process of applying for a legislative grant for a much needed overhaul of the sports arena in Griffith Park to include resurfacing, fencing and a conversion of one court to the much loved pickle ball. Located on page two of this issue is an order form to sponsor an 8” X 8” engraved brick on our planned Memorial Walkway in Griffith Park. Creating a pathway in the park from the new shelter to the ADA compliant playset enables easy access for adult and children with disabilities. All funds raised by the Sloan Arts Council for the Memorial Pathway will be used towards park amenities and beautification. On April 16, 2022, pending any restrictions, the Village will be holding its Annual Easter Event at the Sloan Fire Hall. It will begin at 12:00pm and all Village children age 14 and under are welcome to participate!