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From Trustee Linda Ostempowski
Hello Sloan residents. I cannot believe it has been almost seven months since the election. Time is moving very quickly. As a new Trustee, it has been not only a learning experience, but a rewarding one. During these seven months, I have been privileged to represent the residents of Sloan at various functions. The first being Memorial Day, where we helped honor those Veterans and their families for their sacrifices. Mayor Ferrucci and I attended the Cheektowaga Police Benevolent Service in June honoring those that served and are no longer with us. We also along with the other board members were proud to attend the Fireman's Breakfast and Service for our great Fire department. Some of you may have seen me at the Sloan Concerts in the park helping serve hot dogs and snacks. Or perhaps serving snow cones with Trustee Kregg at the Veterans Day Event in August. I will continue to be a visible Trustee in the Village and look forward to meeting many of you in the next few years. So please do not hesitate to say hello and chat. That being said I would like to thank all the residents for their confidence and their vote. Know that I will work hard to bring about needed changes in our Village for the betterment of us all. I look forward to working with the Mayor and fellow Trustees to a bright future for 2020 and beyond.