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From Trustee Paula Bruscani
We are all frustrated with the high costs of internet speed and the extremely limited providers in our Village. With your help, we can make a change. Greenlight Networks is expanding into our area and claims to be the fastest, most competitively priced internet provider in New York. To increase our chance of having access to their service, we must prove customer interest by visiting their website at www.greenlightnetworks.com or click on the link from the Village of Sloan’s website page. From there, click on the green box at the top marked “Get Greenlight” and fill in the info box that pops up. Once the form is completed, click on “Check Availability” and confirm your address. You will get a message that they are not accepting orders. You must scroll to the bottom of the page, re-enter your information and hit submit once again. Completing this process increases our chance of Greenlight internet service to be provided in the Village of Sloan and we can all save money!