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From Sloan Fire Chief
After considerable research and planning, the much-anticipated new Sloan Engine 1 has arrived! What makes the new engine so awesome? Besides looking amazing with the American flag grill and our name lit up in blue, it also has many innovative features. The engine has newly designed, mandated safety standards such as seatbelt alarms, backlit grab handles, a one-piece windshield, and additional steps. The Rosenbauer model is manufactured with an all-aluminum body and galvanized coated frame to prevent corrosion in our harsh Buffalo winters. The new foam system on Engine 1 makes it much easier and efficient to use foam when fighting fires. Foam not only suppresses fires quicker but reduces the amount of water needed. Because our Village is surrounded by railroads, the foam is vital for our response to any incidents involving railcars. You may see our new truck being driven through our Village streets as our members are currently undergoing training on it. We have spent extensive hours since its arrival stocking it with the tools  necessary to place it into service. Engine 1 is an American made, well-built piece of apparatus that will provide protection for our Village residents for many years to come. If you are attending the Easter event at the Fire Hall on Saturday, March 31st, ask one of our members to give you a mini-tour of our new Engine 1!