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From Sloan Fire Chief
These are some exciting times for the members of the Sloan Active Hose Company #1. We are seeing our  mutual aid response expanding further into different areas of the town. Our department has a reputation for being quick to respond, well-staffed, and highly trained. Without our dedicated members and the support of our Village residents, this could not happen. The other exciting news is the upcoming delivery of our new engine in January 2018. The Rosenbauer engine will become our new Engine 1, replacing our 1994 KME. The new engine will feature an all- aluminum body with a galvanized coated frame to help prevent rust or corrosion issues due to our harsh winters and will ensure a quality truck for many years to come. As new fire engines are built they must meet stringent new safety standards such as rear chevron reflective warning stickers, seat belt sensors (to ensure we wear our seatbelts), and improved quality handrails and steps. The new engine also has a built-in foam system, which provides better fire suppression and a tool should any railroad incidents occur. The 1994 KME is up for sale through a fire apparatus broker, which is the best method for getting the highest resale value for the truck. Our truck committee worked diligently in the past year researching and planning for the new engine. We were always  focused on three main points: 1. Does it meet our requirements, both for today and the future 2. Will the truck be reliable and well built  3. Have we kept the cost down as much as possible.  I firmly believe we accomplished all three goals with the purchase of this Rosenbauer engine.