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From Sloan Fire Chief
We have some exciting news! At the last Village Board meeting the contract was signed to purchase a new fire engine! The new Engine 2 will replace our 2003 American Lafrance Rescue Pumper. Our members felt the best option functionally and financially is to build a “twin” of our current Engine 1. Having twin engines will dramatically reduce the learning curve for our members as they will drive and operate exactly the same. We are also looking to modernize our extrication equipment which was a deciding factor to build a twin rather than a more expensive, larger rescue pumper. The current Engine 2 will be 20 years old when its replacement will be delivered as production time is approximately 14 months. We will share any updates on the progress of the new engine on our Facebook page, Sloan Active Hose Company #1. TO ALL RESIDENTS: Please make sure your HOUSE numbers are a minimum of 4” in height and clearly visible from the street. This request is to avoid any delay in response time from a police officer, fire department or any emergency response vehicle. If you have a fire hydrant near your home, we ask that you keep it clear of ice and snow this winter. This will save us valuable time during an emergency and could make the difference in saving a structure or a life!