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Welcome to the new Village of Sloan web site! Sloan has outgrown the old format which has made updating and in fact, even keeping pages functioning, very difficult & time-consuming.  We had hoped to have this new site totally functional before retiring the old version but that did not happen. So we humbly ask your patience & understanding as we get everything moved over to the new format. Please check back often to see all the new features planned to make this a one-stop resource for all residents of the Village of Sloan!   If this is your first visit, we hope you will enjoy a virtual stroll through our little one square mile home in beautiful Western New York. Here youíll get a glimpse of a close-knit community of familes & many successful businesses. Sloan is also home to one of the best school districts in the area.   Seems like thereís always something family-oriented to do in Sloan! Whether itís dancing at a concert in Griffith Park in the summer or having your picture taken with Santa at the Christmas Party or warming up on a cold winter day with an endless supply of  over 40 different kinds of homemade soup at Soup On Sunday, thereís something for everyone on the events page!  Although some events are open to everyone, others are especially for residents of Sloan only. These exclusive events are  noted on the events page.  As you can see above, the site is broken down into four main categories. The first is Village Government and all related departments. Then thereís Village Life where you can see photos from past events, find something for the kids to do at Recreation, check in to see what our Seniors are up to and see what events are upcoming. The last two sections contain The Sloan Connection, the village quarterly newsletter; printable forms and a listing of just a few of Sloanís thriving businesses.   Thereís still a lot to be done to this site so please check back often to see whatís new!
Photos from all concerts are up plus pictures from the Seniors' tour on the Miss Buffalo. The Sloan Business Listing page is up, too, in the More of Sloan section