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Welcome to Sloan!
Welcome to the web site for the Village of Sloan! Sloan is a small municipality located between the city of Buffalo and the town of Cheektowaga in beautiful Western New York. With a population of around 3,000, Sloan is a close-knit community of neighbors who truly look out for one another. Our Senior Center is the hub of a thriving community of Seniors from Sloan as well as surrounding communites. Also located in the Piekarski Center, the Youth Recreation Dept. provides a safe environment and activities for children of Sloan residents. Sloan is part of a great school district, has very reasonable property values, and residents of all ages enjoy a number of community events throughout the year! The Village is also home to many successful businesses. We hope you enjoy your virtual visit to our community! We look forward to seeing you in person very soon!
The Kokomo Band is the next concert! Thursday, August 17, at 7 PM. Visit Events for info Electronics Recycling event is scheduled for Saturday, August 26, from 9:30 AM-1:30 PM, at ECC South! For additional information, contact Sun King Recycling at (585) 637-8365 Concert pics are available on the Photo page o Disco Duck o Crash Cadillac o The Reminders o Five Friend Wayne Visit the Griffith Park Pool! Hours: Sunday: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday-Saturday: 11:00 AM - 7:30 PM Village ID Required For questions about Modern Disposal Service’s policies, e.g., furniture and other materials, click here  Public meetings of the Village Board of Trustees are held on the SECOND Tuesday, of each month at 7:00 PM at Village Hall, 425 Reiman Street, Sloan, NY 14212, unless otherwise noted. For any additional information, please call 716-897-1560
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Welcome to Sloan!! | Have a SAFE SUMMER!! | Electronics Recycling Events! Saturday, 8/12 @ Appletree Bus. Park; Saturday, 8/26 @ ECC South! See below for details! | The Kokomo Band will be performing at Griffith Park August 17 at 7 PM!! See EVENTS for info | All concert photos can be viewed on the PHOTO page | Check THE LATEST NEWS for more important information |
Street light out near your home? Click here to report an outage (Link opens in new window/tab). Be sure to include the pole number or the street address so NYSEG knows which pole to fix. Please visit the Contacts page for a printable list of important phone numbers such as police, fire & other emergency numbers.
Which Recycling Schedule covers your street? “A” Red Week - Wagner, Atlantic, Lackawanna, Village Lane, Michael, Halstead, Curtiss, Griffith and those portions of Broadway, Reiman, Gates and Lovejoy west of Boll Street “B” Blue Week - Boll, Currier, Roland, Crocker, Francis, Jackson, Rutland, Harlem, Gierlach, Franklin, Blick, those portions of Broadway, Reiman, Gates and Lovejoy that are East of Boll, and the Southside of Sloan off William Street. Click the image below to view/print the Recycling Map